American Indian Family Center

American Indian Family Center (AIFC) serves approximately 700 American Indian families each year with mental health, recovery, employment, housing, family and youth services. We are a community gathering space for the American Indian community in St. Paul and the East Metro and we are growing to serve more families!


To provide American Indian families with programs and services enriched by traditional values and culture.


To be the place
“Where American Indian Families Thrive!”

Rooted in Culture

At AIFC, every one of our services and programs are based in the belief that our traditional ceremonies have healing powers. In order to fully achieve the balance needed for our American Indian families and communities to thrive, we must incorporate these healing ceremonies and traditions into every part of our operations. This provides our families with a culturally-positive approach that supports every aspect of their lives.

History of AIFC

The American Indian Family Center was initially started in 1994 under the umbrella of the Ramsey County Children’s Initiative. In 1995, a location was identified and the doors opened to families for services in 1997.  Articles of Incorporation and temporary federal status as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization was achieved in 1997 with permanent status in 2001. The AIFC is now a recipient of multiple grants through private and public sources.


At AIFC, we demonstrate our commitment to accountability, transparency and serving our community.

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