Red Lake Nation News

About Red Lake Nation News

Established in 2003 as Red Lake Net News, but changed to Red Lake Nation News in 2012, is the official Native American news and information source of the Red Lake Indian Reservation and the surrounding Native American communities in Minnesota.

Red Lake Nation News is in its 13th year of operation, and is located on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.. RLNN’s main office is located on the Little Rock Trail in the Little Rock District of Red Lake.

Receiving more than an 8,000,000 hits per month, Red Lake Nation News keeps Red Lake members, residents and visitors up to date on local and national Native American news and events.

Mission Statement

The mission of Red Lake Nation News (RLNN) is to objectively report, build, promote, and provide quality news, timely information and entertainment–from a Native American perspective–about American Indians on the Red Lake Indian Reservation and their friends everywhere in the world. It will focus on the Internet Native Americans it can reach, with a unique and intelligent Web Site offering everyone an Internet place to find information, read about the current Red Lake news, while at the same time learn about other Native American events worldwide.

Readers can read about an endless variety of topics, including Red Lake Tribal government affairs, state and federal legislation, health issues, people of the Red Lake Indian Reservation and other Indian Communities, including Leech Lake and White Earth Reservations, the schools and their students–just to mention a few. And of course there are world-wide news events that are happening all around us all the time. RLNN plans on featuring a summary of reporting by other news media both world-wide and from other local Indian Communities, as well as links to their information when appropriate.

Company Information

Red Lake Nation News is a privately owned and operated company not affiliated with any other private, non-profit, religious or governmental agency worldwide, founded, build and established by Michael Barrett in September 2003.

This Website was first made possible through a Venture Fund grant from the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians located on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Northern Minnesota. Barrett is one Ojibwe Band member of the Red Lake Tribe, whose total membership is over 11,000. Each member of the Red Lake Band owns, in common, the Red Lake Indian Reservation, with a land and water base of over 1 million acres.

More about RLNN

Red Lake Nation News is all about you, the users. We provide news, information, and resources about issues affecting Indian people because the more information and knowledge we can acquire, the more informed and aware we will become, and the more we will learn about issues that affect us.

With such a vast area to cover, RLNN realistically cannot cover everything. That is why you may contribute with your opinions, your ideas, and even your own articles on some of the things you feel are important.

If you find news articles about Native American issues that you feel others would also be interested in, send it to us and we will explore providing a link to it.