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We are a family owned mobile food business in Minneapolis with two food trucks. Mariah & Dakota along with  their two Children Isaac & Imala are often seen serving their delicious Frybread Tacos at many Community Events.

Dakota was raised on the Winnebago Reservation until early childhood when he moved to Minnesota. He would travel back to visit his grandpa John every summer and watched Grandpa John & his Aunt Judy making frybread bread and feeding the family.

Dakota lost his grandfather in his teenage years and has always been the one to carry on the tradition of making frybread for all of our families events. Over the years learning it was pretty amazing… yes we may be a little biased! Lol

So when the pandemic hit Dakota and Mariah took their savings along with some help from Mariah’s Dad to open their first food truck! Trickster Tacos Opened in 2020 and has been growing ever since.

Now Trickster Tacos LLC has two food trucks and has moved into catering as well.

We are a proud Omaha and Dakota Family serving all of our relatives frybread that brings back that sentimental feeling of family & pow wows.

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